Monday, 21 December 2015

Still on the matter....Sushi

Hi guys!!!

So, still on the sushi matter. 

After I had downed (ate) the first batch of sushi rolls, believe it or not.... I was still hungry. 

But now, I was very inspired to try my hands on these beauties. I think they are called California rolls or something like that.  Not sure please don't ask. But I guess the names of the different rolls pretty much depends on its contents. The ingredients and technique are still the same as the previous sushi roll, with the only difference being that the rice is on the outside.

If you want to learn how I made the sushi rice and other accompaniments, then do check out my previous post.  I've got everything explained in full detail.

I'm just going to start from the roll itself this time, b'cos thats where the difference is. 


  1. Place a sheet of cling film on the bamboo rolling mat and secure tightly. However, it should be  flexible enough to wiggle as the mat does. 
  2. Place a sheet of nori on the mat, shiny side down. Slightly wet your fingers, then take the rice and spread it across the nori sheet.
  3. Heres the tricky part. Once your sheet is covered, invert (turn upside down) the sheet with the rice. Now the rice is facing the bamboo mat and the shiny part of the sheet is facing you. 
  4. Place the crispy prawns, avocado and cucumber strips across  the sheet. However, this time the contents should be placed slightly before the middle, and not exactly in the middle of the sheet.
  5. Begin to roll/fold the bamboo mat, making sure your fingers are holding the contents in place. Fold the roll securely in place by gently pressing the mat over it. Transfer onto a cutting board.
  6. Sprinkle some dark sesame seeds across the top and sides of the rice (don't worry, it would stick).  Place a sheet of cling film on the coated roll, and use the mat to gently press the seeds on the rice.
  7. Remove the mat. Using a sharp knife, with water across the blade, cut the roll in half. Then cut out as many pieces as you want. You'll most likely get 8 pieces. Place the mat over it, and gently press it into shape again.
  8. Remove the cling film, and transfer them onto your serving dish. Drizzle your sauce over the top of each slice and serve.
  • Ensure you cover the mat with the cling film, or else you'll be cleaning sticky rice out of the crevices of the mat for a while.
  • Do not press the inverted sheet onto the mat, the rice is already stuck on the nori, no need to stick it to the mat too (cling film or not).
  • Ensure the rice and nori sheet are placed well on the mat. The mat is rectangular, with a flexible side, and a not so flexible side. So to prevent having to turn the sheet or mat around (especially after you've placed your contents), check that it is placed properly.
  • Remember to clean your knife after each cut, and run some water across the blade to ensure clean cuts.
  • You can put some wasabi paste at the side of the plate if you need some.

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